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  • Production House

These lectures are organized with punctuality in Imamia Masjid  and Imam bargah  (Jaffer-e-Tayyar) on every Sunday after Namaze Maghrib prayers.

In the days of Martyrdom of Infallibles, Majalis-e-Aza are organized to be addressed by well-regarded scholars for proper guidance of Momineen.


Publicity is usually done through:
1. Panaflax  2. Hand Bill 3. Chalking 4. Managing Services For e.g..
     - Awareness against Dengue virus
     - Martyrdom of Emad Mughniyeh etc.


In order to enhance the intellectual level of the Society, A library has been established adjacent to the mosque. Where people can avail the facility of using Cds as well as books. The Aim is to encourage reading Culture along with murturing the thought Process of Momneen.
Awareness through Panaflex:

Awareness about Birth and Dad Day beside Aqwal-e-Masoomeen (a.s) is being provided on sign boards beautifying by designed sign boards.
Production House:

In this era of chaos and violence, considering the negative impacts of media, the purpose of this production house is to promote Islamic culture and teachings of Ahl-ul-Bayt for giving the right direction to the up-coming generation.
The videos with translations that have been released up till now:
   - Duae Kumail Ver.2
   - Lectures of Ayatollah Taqi Behjat  Read More