Anwar-ul-Quran is a software program that Quranic education age group 2 to 12 years have produced.
In addition to educational departments that are Anwar-ul-Quran , because Jzabythayy Film, Radio and TV programs and the Quranic tales are included.

Anwar-ul-Quran program Titles
Call of realm: this section of the program, two Drbrdarndh Trtyl Holy Quran with voice professor and professor Shahriar Mnshavy is righteous.LOL text of Holy Quran with the pen professor QARIB sound, the characteristics of this program.

School Quran: Vancouver Quran reading Quran Hdhdar education for children 2 to 12 years. This section of the program is presented as Chapter ??.

Pain: Quran: Quran lists various issues such as "Name the prophets, locations, times, Khvrdnyha, Pvshydnyha, colors, numbers, plants, animals" are included in the program. All words that are on this list, with the verse or verses are accompanied by relevant and brief.

Quranic stories: 23 stories Quranic appropriate age groups of children, with more programs are attractive.

Privacy Qur'an: Chapter Last of Education to maintain a small Svrhhay Quran, another portion of the program to Anwar-ul-Quran has allocated.

Customs and sentences Recite: In this section, Customs and Koran reading sentences to suit audience age group is given.

Games and Entertainment: This section contains various Quranic Mmahay entertainment is useful and constructive.

Film: Plastic film and guardians of young reader programs also are included.










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