21-Nov-2019 25-Rabi ul Awwal-1441
These lectures are organized with punctuality in Imamia Masjid and Imam bargah, F.South (Jaffer-e-Tayyar) on every Sunday after Namaze Zohrain prayers (before ziarat).
In the days of Martyrdom of Infallibles, Majalis-e-Aza are organized to be addressed by well-regarded scholars for proper guidance of Momineen.
Publications is usually done through:
1. Panaflex 2. Hand Bill 3. Chalking 4. Messaging Service 5.Awareness about Birth and Dad Day beside Aqwal-e-Masoomeen (a.s) is being provided on sign boards beautifying by designed sign boards. Beside Droos-o-Mahafil other information about Momneen’s facilities regarding News alert are also being spread through SMS Service.

Recent Lectures and Majalis

 Nov 17, 2019 Rasool-e-Khuda Ka Andazy Tableegh
 Brother Zaigham Rizvi
Rasool-e-Khuda Ka Andazy Tableegh
 Aug 25, 2019 Ehtemam-e-Azadari
 H.I Ali Afzal
 Aug 18, 2019 Bimarion Se Kese Bachna Mumkin he

Random Lectures and Majalis

Islamic Law

Ehkam Part 03
 H.I Abuzar Ghaffari
Ehkam Part 03
Ehkam Part 02
 H.I Abuzar Ghaffari
Ehkam Part 02
Ehkam Part 01
 H.I Abuzar Ghaffari
Ehkam Part 01

Islamic Politics

Paighamber Muballigh-e-Tauheed  Nov 24, 2019



Time & Location:

November, 2019

Rasool-e-Khuda Ka Andazy Tableegh  Brother Zaigham Rizvi  Nov 17, 2019
Paighamber Muballigh-e-Tauheed  H.I Urooj Zaidi  Nov 24, 2019