24-Jul-2024 18-Muharram-1446


Publications is usually done through:

  • Panaflax
  •   – Awareness day by day through SignBoard

  • Hand Bills
  •   – Khutbae Ayatullah Khamnaie upon Shahadat in Samarrah
      – Awareness against Dengue virus
      – Awareness Ayyam-e-Fatmiyah
      – Martyrdom of Emad Mughniyeh etc

  • Wall Chalking
  •   – Information about Sunday Lecture
      – Aqwal-e-Masoomeen a.s

  • Messaging Service
  •   – Beside Droos-o-Mahafil other information about Momneen’s facilities regarding News alert and Job facilities are also being spread through SMS Service.